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Saturday, 18 June 2016

Bed time moral stories

Sparrow and its kids
Sparrow and his kid

    Sparrow's Kindness

   In the branches of a big tree, there lived a pair of sparrows. Chee Chee was female sparrow and Choo Choo was male sparrow. One day they built a beautiful and strong nest. Chee Chee laid and hatched the eggs. Both sparrows were very excited to see their little sparrow kids. Chee Chee and Choo Choo took care of their kids very well. One day Choo Choo went to search food and could not come back. Chee Chee was very sad and feel alone herself. It was hard to take care and to provide food to the little sparrows alone.

   Chee Chee’s neighbor sparrow was very kind and gentle, so he started to look after kids in the absence of Chee Chee. One day it was very hot; Chee Chee went out in search of food but she could not come back. Neighbor sparrow felt very sad at death of chee chee and started to look after the kids. After few days’ kids grew up and flew away happily with neighbor sparrow. Thus sparrow’s kindness saved orphan sparrow kids. 

True story of brotherhood

   In the battle field of "Baddar", Muslims were fighting against non-believers. They were fighting bravely. Three fellows of Muslims were injured seriously and they were near to death. One of them called for some water. When a water carrier brought water for the man he listened that second man was also calling for water. First man requested the water carrier to give water to the second person at first. The water carrier approached swiftly to the 2nd man, Now the second man listened a third voice for water. So he also requested the water carrier to give water to the third man before himself. When the water carrier reached to the third man for help, he was died. Water carrier returned to the second man but he was also died. The water carried returned the first man, but he was also died. So three persons gave us an example of brotherhood, they also taught us to help others in any way.

Orphan’s Happiest Day

  Our prophet Hazrat Muhammad Pease be upon him was going to offer Eid prayer. On the way he met a little boy, who was weeping bitterly. Hazrat Muhammad Pease be upon him asked the boy about the reason of weeping. The boy answered that may parent are died and there is no one who can bring new clothes and eatable things for him. After listening the boy’s answer Hazrat Muhammad eyes were filled with tears. Hazrat Muhammad Pease be upon him put his hand on the head of the boy with affection. Hazrat Muhammad Pease be upon him brought the boy into his home and gave him new clothes and different things to eat. Hazrat Muhammad Pease be upon him also told the boy that Hazrat Muhammad Pease be upon him is his father and Hazrat Ayesha is his mother. The boy was very happy after listening the best news of his life.

Friendship of the lion and the mouse

One day a lion was sleeping under a big tree.  A Mouse ran over the lion. The lion lifted his paw to kill the mouse. Please do not kill me, requested the mouse. The lion took pity on the mouse.The mouse was very thanking full to the lion’s kindness. She said “one day I will help you”. The lion laughed and said a small mouse could not help the king of the forest. A few days later a hunter trapped the lion. He roared and roared. Suddenly the mouse came there and she nibbled at the ropes. Soon the lion was free. The lion thanked the mouse and the became close friends.

 Bed Time Moral Stories

Monday, 30 May 2016


Download PDF and Word Worksheets for kids

Download free editable ready made PDF and word worksheets for Montessori and Kindergarten nursery kids

Our Teachers of younger students need worksheets to practice them for different leanings and subjects. Yet there is a large number of worksheets available in internet market. It is reality that everything needs improvement, addition and verity so with this thinking I want to add some extra work in this field. These worksheets will be in both formats i.e. PDF and word to fulfill the need of print and edit and easily implement in classroom to construct particular knowledge or skill of a subject, either it is English, Math, Science or Ethics.

To practice some skills, pencil and paper is most effective tool. Let’s practice our child with our daily updating worksheets.

Monday, 18 April 2016

Tenses made easy

Basic Math Concepts for kids

Basic Math Concepts for kids

Present Tense, Past Tense and Future Tense

It describes in which temporal relation the speaker finds himself to what is said. Aspect describes the way in which something is said. Was something said in the past and is completed or does it still go on?.

         Awareness of tenses is so necessary for English language both in writing and speaking that the importance of ears to hear or eyes to see. This blog is written to fulfill subject needs. A little try or effort to explain basic fundamentals to make tenses and their uses.Tenses are apparatus that English learners utilize to communicate moment in their words. We may discover that a lot of English tenses do not have straight translations in our language. That is not a trouble. By learning this tense tutorial, we will study to feel like a native English spokesman.

Thursday, 17 March 2016


Basic Math Concepts for kids

Basic Math Concepts for kids
Kids increase early math skills in a diversity of areas, as well as difficulty solving and thinking,  geometry, number and spatial logic, patterns and measurement and their relationships.

         When kids study basic math concepts at the beginning , they usually have extra helpful attitudes and way more self-belief with mathematics afterward in school. while problem solving means to being capable to do all new concepts of mathematics, we necessitate to be sure to make available abundance of opportunities for difficulty solving, so not be very swift to help when you can numeral things out for themselves.

Saturday, 27 February 2016


 Math and logic puzzles for kids

Eassy math and logic puzzles for kids
Puzzles for Kids
Puzzles are very important to develop knowledge and exercise your brain.  Most puzzles are like games or problems, which examines one's cleverness or information. Here are different types of puzzles for different ages, such as logic puzzles, mathematical puzzles, number puzzles, shape puzzles, and measuring puzzles. Puzzle are a unique treasure of exercises for the development of brain in an interesting way. Puzzles are very important for kids and also for the elders. You can learn puzzles in easy and interesting way with their solution or answers. Development of brain is development of intelligence, so increase your intelligence by solving mathematics puzzles. Get best collection of puzzles.

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Parts of Speech

 Parts of speech for kids

parts of speech for kids and children
Parts of speech is a type of words that is allocated with its syntactic roles. The leading parts of speech are nine in English language. Which are as follows.

6. Adverb 7. Preposition 8. Conjunction 9. Interjection
Learn these parts of speech in easy simple and interesting way. You can learn different types of parts of speech with examples. Definitions and examples are simple, easy and full of knowledge. Every part of speech is very important, so learn them with definitions and examples. You can complete your speech after learning these parts of speech. Get examples and types of noun, pronoun, articles, verb, adverb, adjective, preposition, conjunctions and interjection.

Saturday, 6 February 2016

General Knowledge

 General Knowledge for kids

General Knowledge for kids
All kids recognize their knowledge by arguments. Every new and interesting thing appeals them to argue. There are many books on general knowledge but we want to share general knowledge according to the interest of all ages.
  General knowledge is also best try to increase an interest or motivation to learn more and more that is useful to their mental development. Importance of general knowledge cannot be ignored. For the examination of intelligence general knowledge is very important. Children and elders can increase their knowledge by learning general knowledge. It develops brain and increase information about the world, town, city and country.    

Friday, 5 February 2016


 Primary kids’ science

Science for kids
Primary Essays is the Combination of multiple subjects. One of them is kid’s science. Teach your kids scientific information in simple and easy way. You can get and learn your children scientific topic with the help of pictures and easy simple and interesting way. Science is very important subject to learn about nature and environment. It is also important to learn information about plants, humans, earth and solar system. Life of birds, insects, sea, animals and humans can learn through this subject. System of human’s life and death s also explained in science, so simple and easy wording and example through pictures is interesting and important to get latest and best scientific information.
Science for kids